Children's Natural History Museum

Making Displays for Exhibits

Derek La, Troop 273 , Union City

As part of a project, we built two display cases by gluing and nailing together oak panels to form a wooden base, each with an installed top frame to allow an acrylic dome/box top to rest as it encases fossils. This process involved cutting the wood, gluing and nailing, and then thoroughly sanding it down before treating it with wood stain and sealing it. After the wood was left to set and cure, we drilled holes in the bottom of each case to attach caster wheels to make the cases more portable. In a pleasant surprise, we ended up finishing the project in a single day, so the second day was canceled as no additional work needed to be done; it was instead dedicated to transporting the finished cases to the museum, where Hagos greeted and directed us to deliver them to the museum's storage room.


                                           finished product sanding and putting together
                           Cutting and nailing top of display