Children's Natural History Museum

Making Display Tables for Children

Darren Cloe, Troop 125, Fremont

We built two tables using screws, pine wood, and plywood, and then sanded down the two tables until they were smooth enough to add stain. Then we added a dark walnut stain onto the two tables, waited for them to dry, and then applied polyurethane on the second workday. From there, we left them in the museum from the back entrance at the first left with the fan on, as directed by Hagos.

List of people who helped: Dr. He, Max He, Mr. Gravett(scoutmaster), Aarush Bhutkar, Sriman Jayanti, Viraj Walia, Ishaan Chandel, Shreyas Basetty, Abheer Krishnanand


                                           finished product painting after construction
                           Darren putting on last coat painting after construction