Children's Natural History Museum

Nature Hall

This exhibit includes specimens of birds, fox, rabbits, bears, mice, bats, and more. Common water birds are also on display. These specimens help to understand the food chain and how it may be an important factor to the extinction of organisms. Many of these specimens are from the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco before it was an art museum, and are over 100 years old. Some of the specimens are from Otto Graft (deceased) who taught at Irvington High School in the 60's to 80's.

A shell collection is also on view that shows the major groups of marine invertebrates. It includes a collection of an unknown donor who was a teacher. The collection includes Mollusk, Arthropods, Corals, and Echinoderms.

Scenes from various exhibits in the Nature Hall.  Helps children to look at different animals living today to make them make them visualize fossil representatives.