Children's Natural History Museum

One Step at a Time

 On Nov 1, 2014, American High School junior, Daya Kulkarni hosted a fund raiser event towards Girls Scout Gold Award Project “One Step Towards a Better Life” at the Math Science Nucleus.  The event raised money for building a bathroom and developing health science lessons for the children in Hubli, located in the southern part of India in State Karnataka.

“As a child, I learned that not all people have the basic necessities in life and I have the chance to help people receive these needs. In Hubli India, where my grandparents live, there is small school for the poor where about 300 students go to. In this facility they don’t have bathrooms for neither the students nor the teachers. Living in America we take for granted hygienic precautions, where as in this village, they do not have money to pay for the constructions of bathrooms.”

Daya's raised $1,300 which was used to built a bathroom.  She went with her father at the end of November to present the donation to officials of the school. 


During the fundraiser Daya invited her friends to help entertain the audience after they visited the museum.  There were singers and dancers that created a wonderful atmosphere.

Daya  also brought to India interactive hands-on science lesson plans. These lesson plans will help the students enhance their health knowledge.