Under the Stars, Dec 3, 2011
tribute to the many volunteers who have helped the Children's Natural History Museum
Ken Miller  Ken Miller and family enjoying the museum

The Math Science Nucleus had a successful reception to thank some of the people and groups that helped us during the 2011 year to slowly grow into a full functioning Children's Natural History Museum.  We honored Ken Miller, a long time supporter of the Math Science Nucleus. We would like to thank our long time friend and supporter Mr. Ken Miller.  Ken has contributed his time, money, talent, and Stardome so little children can touch the stars.

Joyce Blueford Faces (left to right)  Alvin Dockter, Frank and Tom Delfino, Dana Raimondi Stephanie  Willits and daughter

Joyce Blueford, Board President thanked the many people that helped contribute to the new patio that we now have for children to eat their lunches.  Attendees saw the  completed patio that was a wonderful gift from the Fremont Community including Leadership Fremont, Niles Rotary Club, and Fremont Educational Foundation.  Special thanks were also given to Dana Raimondi, who again funded the Dana Raimondi Math Program for lower income schools in Fremont and Lam Research Foundation for providing funds for our junior high science lecture series.

Phil Gordon provided an insight into the life of Les Kent, one of the  original Boy Paleontologists.  He that passed away this year at the age of 82.  Two of his children (Karen Balvid and   ) attended the reception in honor of their father.  Jay Broadwell, also one of Boy Paleontologist was also on hand to tell stories of years long ago

Tribute to
Les Kent
Phil Gordon Jay Broadwell Les Kent's children

The Museum was open for visitors to see some of our new exhibits throughout the museum.  Staff members Eleanor Gilchrist, Laurey Hemenway, and Dorel Baca did a great job in creating a holiday atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Karen Anderson and family Wally Betchart